katers-tom_reducedsizeISG Senior Designer and Employee Owner, Tom Katers, loves solving the design challenges of the job and building relationships with clients and municipal reviewers. With strong roots in Brown County, Tom continues to better his community-whether on the job at ISG, volunteering to review 140 page documents as a City of Bellevue Trustee, or kicking a soccer ball around with the team he coaches. If that sounds busy, he also has three active teenage boys and two dogs. But don’t worry- he’s able to recharge in the outdoors by camping, golfing, hunting, or just working in the yard. Inspiration, community service, employee ownership – let’s connect with Tom!

What is your favorite part about working as a senior designer at ISG?

I love that no one day is the same. Getting out in the field on occasion to get measurements, take pictures, and/or verify spot elevations is an added bonus. But my favorite part of my job is probably seeing my work come to life. Nothing makes me more proud than to shake hands with a happy owner and walk the completed project.

You were in the Green Bay office before ISG acquired it. How would you describe your first two years as an ISG Employee Owner?

Exciting! It’s been a whirlwind for this Green Bay office and myself.  We were a small 15-20 member group for 20+ years before ISG acquired the office in 2016, and gaining so many new staff, support, and friends has been a blessing. I am truly grateful and excited for our future.

“Get involved in your community and get to know your peers in the industry- take the hour to go visit the municipal staff reviewing your project. Putting a face with a name is big in our engineering consulting world. Leave good impressions wherever you go.”

What ways are you involved in the community?

I am a 4th term Village of Bellevue Trustee, so I regularly spend spare time attending bi-weekly meetings that typically run from 6-11pm and reviewing 140 page agendas. I was also a Brown County Supervisor for two terms, but disappointingly had to resign that one because we moved out of District. I also have been a long time soccer coach in the summer. My community work keeps me busy, especially while raising three active boys, but it’s rewarding. Receiving a Commendation Award for my services on the Brown County Board was a nice plus.


What makes you a good fit for ISG?

I never shy away from a design challenge- nor does ISG. I like working through different site options until we find the perfect fit for each unique client. In addition, I’m detail oriented, organized, and appreciate a schedule- which lends itself well to the firm. I also genuinely enjoy and have a passion for the good work we do. Making and maintaining relationships with project owners and municipal and DNR reviewers because there’s no more wonderful feeling than a repeat client or municipal reviewers that smile and shake your hand when they see you.

Who’s been a role model for you and why?

Many people come to mind.

  1. My dad, for how he shows his appreciation and love, not always necessarily with words but with his actions and giving nature. His work ethic has always been something to look up to, as a now retired WPS employee of 30+ years.
  2. My wife, for her time management and multi-tasking capabilities in our crazy life. She also recently started a new job. She says “you only live once” to push herself to achieve higher goals.
  3. My mom, who passed away a little over a year ago. She was a hugger, whether you wanted one or not. As we age hugs are not always comfortable, but we need them. She loved the simple things in life and was a constant reminder to be thankful for what you have.
What are three words your family/friends would use to describe you?

Happy, caring, and trustworthy.

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