hayleyschull_watercoolerAs ISG Accounts Payable Manager, Hayley Schull vigilantly observes the nitty-gritty inner workings of and frequently communicates with ISG employee owners—all while making sure vendors and consultants are being paid! In addition to those abilities, she’s also Co-Chair of the Wellness Committee, a former collegiate high jumper and pole vaulter, AND lives without cable or Wi-Fi. Is she a superhero? We sat down with Hayley to find out.

How did your career as a student-athlete prepare you for the professional world?

My experience as a high jumper and pole vaulter at Concordia College, St. Paul literally and figuratively taught me to not be afraid to take the leap! It also taught me good habits—like the working hard and leaving things up to skill rather than chance—which help me stay competitive and attack every day.

Who inspires you? Why?

My dad. Along with working a full time job, he is also a volunteer firefighter and EMT. When he does find time off he can usually be found at a fundraiser or community event helping cover shifts. He has an amazing work ethic, caring personality, and is the most selfless person I know.

How do you develop solutions as an Accounts Payable Manager?

I help to develop processes and efficiencies for data entry within the company for the accounting crew. I also communicate with vendors or consultants when we get outside invoices, because we like to make sure they’re paid! Internally, I also work with the employee owner leads of projects to see where they belong. Sometimes it can be like herding cats because of everyone’s busy schedules, but unlike herding cats: this has to get done!

With almost a year under your belt at ISG, what’s surprised you about A/E?

There are no limitations on ideas for designing. It’s amazing to watch innovative ideas come to life, and getting to see how some of our futuristic projects develop really sheds a light on how creative our crew is!

Your role offers you the ability to oversee a lot of information about projects. Have you noticed any patterns within the firm?

I think the biggest thing I’ve repeatedly noticed is the extent that ISG develops relationships with clients and partners. It seems like it is expected for ISG Employee Owners to go above and beyond to build meaningful and valuable relationships. I’ll frequently see ISGers checking in on a clients’ project in-between activities or months after completion “just because.”  I’ve seen relationships develop from ISG hosting events and educational opportunities for clients, or just kicking back with them at a sports outing. It’s all fine and dandy to sit behind a phone and have a conversation with the client, but I’ve seen that ISG takes the extra step.

How else does your role at ISG allow you to observe company culture?

It’s cool getting to watch everyone focusing on what they do best. “StrengthsFinder” has given me a new insight as to where people’s strengths lie. It not only helps me understand whether an employee owner prefers a phone conversation or an email, but also gives everyone the tools to know what their strengths are and how we can embrace them through our work. I think that by centering our culture on strengths, we are able to truly provide the best fit for what client wants. This helps to create a more positive connection with the client as a whole.

You’re Co-Chair of the Wellness Committee. Why is a Wellness program important?

The Wellness Committee shows employee owners that ISG cares about everyone’s well-being. We work hard to show this through health education, stress management, and activities to support positive lifestyles. Promoting healthy lifestyles and having healthy employees allows you to see great efficiency and productivity from your employees and better services provided to clients and partners!

What’s your favorite Wellness event been?

I had a lot of fun at our board game lunch event, even though I am terrible at the game “Trouble.” It was a great little break from my desk and was entertaining to see my co-workers enjoying it as well.

What excites you about the future of ISG?

Growth and transparency! We are growing, getting smarter, and wiser. Furthermore, as employee owners, we know what’s going on with the firm due to our culture of transparency and openness.

How do you spend your free time without cable or internet at home?

I love to keep busy in the outdoors. I enjoy going fishing on the river or hunting with my husband and two dogs and I’m on a constantly improving recreational volleyball team. I’m also working on home projects… they never end.

Do you do much crime fighting? Just checking.


If you were a superhero what would name be?


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