Charlotte Nienhaus brings an ambitious, “All-In” attitude to her role at ISG. As an Architect and volleyball coach, Charlotte is all about the team whether that’s in ISG’s Mankato office or on the court. Let’s dig in to hear more about how Charlotte serves and sets clients up for success at ISG!

What’s a specific time you were challenged at ISG, and how did you find a solution?

A challenge came up recently in which we needed to change the design on a project we had been working on for about a year. Using Alternative Analysis, the team spent time internally to discuss solutions and put together three ways we could make sure the building was compliant. After choosing a solution with the client, we quickly put together new drawings and sent them to the contractor.


Ultimately, the solution was found by bringing minds together to provide what we felt were best options. We also made sure the client knew we wanted to make things right for them. Once an option was chosen, everyone on the team put in extra time to get new drawings out quickly so that we didn’t delay construction any longer. Great clients also made this process easier as we had developed a rapport with them throughout design, and they trusted us to make this right. I learned that it’s best to always present solutions with a problem and that ISG is always ready to fix things together.

There is a growing trend of importance in urban planning and sustainable solutions, how has ISG positioned ourselves to provide these services?

We have built many strong relationships with clients, and the proof is in our work. We continue to build trust, which allows us to introduce new products or ideas into projects that are more sustainable. My fellow employee owners at ISG are so good at looking not only at what a client asks of us, but also the entire picture of what else a client may need for their land, city, or building that they might not have even considered. It’s all about building good relationships so clients don’t think you are trying to pull the wool over their eyes, but instead see that you want their project to be a lasting solution.

So I hear you’re a volleyball coach! How do you feel coaching has translated into your success as an Architect at ISG?

Volleyball definitely seems to take up most of my free time. I preach teamwork to my players, and I fully embody that same togetherness and accountability at ISG. I believe working hard and utilizing everyone’s strengths is how positive outcomes are achieved.

Who inspires your work at ISG? Why?

My grandma. I grew up in her house, so she was essentially a second mom to me. At 85 years old, she is still one of the hardest working people I know. She taught me so much of what it means to have good work ethic, and I like to think I bring that mindset with me to ISG each day.

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