From collaborating with different team members, working on diverse projects, and being part of a constantly changing field, Kyle Maroszek loves the variety he experiences as an ISG Project Manager—his affinity for Mexican food may be the one thing he likes to keep constant. Let’s hear more from Kyle and his time at ISG.

How has ISG been different than your past experiences?

Before coming to ISG, I worked for an A/E firm in which the work I was completing concentrated on one sole market. After my first week, seeing the diverse projects ISG has accomplished and continues to work on opened my eyes to a much larger and holistic approach to civil engineering. I really enjoy having so many opportunities within the 12 different markets ISG encompasses, so joining the firm has given me the ability to broaden my experience and knowledge.

What at ISG keeps you inspired?

Being part of the engineering field, there are multiple entities that are involved in a project, including client, municipalities, stakeholders, contractors, and internal and external team members. ISG consistently strives for positive working relationships with every partner and each person working on a project. This inspires me to work hard with everyone I interact with and develop long-lasting relationships to enhance the quality of each project I work on.

What is it about having a career in the engineering field that intrigues you?

The field is always evolving and keeping us on our toes. The typical who, what, when, where, why, and how is constantly being updated and re-written. I also like being able to see the outcome of a project, whether it be a building, road, or site, from start to finish and appreciate all the work and stages that were completed throughout the process. It’s great seeing so many hard-working ISGers solve problems through innovation to complete projects for our clients.

How do you help ISG deliver solutions?

Collaboration is key. I am a true believer that referring to others and their experience gives us a deeper understanding of an issue, as well as possible solutions. Gaining additional perspectives is essential within the A/E industry, especially to ensure all aspects of a design achieve the goal of a project. I utilize my fellow employee owners as resources on projects every day!

How do you spend your free time?

I like to spend time with my friends and family. Hunting and golfing always seem to find their way into my schedule, too, and I never forget to relax or enjoy Mexican food.

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