A fundamental component of your electrical safety program is the arc flash and electrical shock hazard safety standards. These programs guide workers on what are acceptable job tasks to perform on energized electrical components and the required personal protective equipment (PPE) to wear.  Arc flash rules are a constantly evolving set of requirements based on NFPA 70E with changes every three years when a new edition is released. Items that are part of this program include calculation of arc flash incident energies and arc flash boundaries, requirements for live work, arc flash training, PPE, job safety planning, and risk control.

Training Requirements

NFPA 70E requires your employees to be trained for arc flash every three years and an arc flash hazard analysis to be completed at least every five years.  Arc flash training includes how to read arc flash labels, PPE selection, risk analysis, and job planning safety briefings. Unqualified personnel also have required training to identify and avoid shock and arc flash hazards.

Full-Service Safety Studies

Arc flash studies can be complex and time consuming depending on the facility. Performing an arc flash study with your own personnel may not be the best use of resources. ISG can provide a full-service electrical study that would include field data collection, one line development, short circuit study, protective device coordination study, arc flash hazard study for incident energy analysis, and custom arc flash warning labels. ISG has over two decades of arc flash experience and can provide training for electrically qualified electricians and nonelectrical personnel as well. For qualified electrical workers, arc flash clothing and procedures are everyday items, but unqualified workers need to be trained to be aware of shock and arc flash hazards too.

Labeling for Job Safety Planning

ISG provides custom made arc flash labels for your facility. These labels contain the information required to complete the job safety planning, including the boundary distances and incident energy for PPE selection. Contact us to assist you with your arc flash and electrical safety labeling needs.

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