From the valley of Caracas, Venezuela, to the beaches of Margarita Island, and the rolling hills of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Graduate Civil Engineer Rosanna Novellino has experienced living and traveling to unique and varied geographies throughout her life. In 2015, Rosanna made the trek from Venezuela to South Dakota in pursuit of an engineering degree from South Dakota State University (SDSU). Since receiving her degree she has made Sioux Falls her home, her passion for civil engineering has grown, and she has become an established team member.

Why did you choose to pursue Civil Engineering? What do you like most about it?

Throughout my childhood, I always thought I would be dentist. That dream quickly changed when I realized I wanted to be a designer. When I made it to SDSU, I was two weeks into architecture classes when I realized it wasn’t what I was expecting, so I made the decision to pursue civil engineering.

What do you like most about civil engineering and transportation?

What I find most enjoyable about being in this industry is that there is always a challenge and a solution to every problem. As a graduate engineer, I am always learning something new and uncovering lessons with each project, inspiring me to grow.

Although she is in the early stages of her career, Rosanna is using her talents to make an impact on a range of projects, while developing her expertise. “The most interesting project I have worked on was a substantial street reconstruction,” said Rosanna. “Being my first transportation project, there were challenges, but it was so rewarding to see it through from design, to construction, and through to completion.”

What is your favorite part of working at the ISG office in Sioux Falls?

Everyone is very close knit here and so nice. I enjoy the culture and being a part of a team where there is so much collaboration and everyone is comfortable working together.

When Rosanna isn’t helping the transportation team design concepts and being involved in plan production, you will find her recharging and relaxing with a TV show, making bracelets, and coloring. She enjoys spending time outdoors, swimming, exploring new restaurants with family and friends, and traveling. A fun fact about Rosanna is that she has been to 24 countries. Her favorite destinations usually have a beach–a few favorites are the Greek islands, the Dominican Republic, and the Pyramids of Giza.

Being an avid traveler, one of Rosanna’s many talents is being able to find the best deals on hotels and plane tickets. Do you have a vacation on the horizon? Rosanna may have some travel advice for you.

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